Rowland Enterprises offers several communication options for clients traveling to Ukraine. Through our Kyiv, Ukraine associates, Rowland Enterprises offers Ukraine Phone Cards, Mobile Phone rentals. Mobile Phone Internet Service, and Wireless High Speed Internet Service. Order today by phone or email.

UKRAINE PHONE CARDS: Ukraine phone cards are any inexpensive way to keep in touch with family and friends. Cards can be preordered by completing the Credit Card Authorization Form or through Rowland Enterprises’ Kyiv, Ukraine associates.


MOBILE PHONE RENTAL PACKAGE: Package Price is $125.00 and includes Cell Phone rental, 15 Minute Prepaid Phone Card programmed into phone, Phone Delivery and Pick-Up service, Phone charger, and Carrying bag. You’ll also receive instruction information about outgoing call rates, using prepaid phone cards, checking your cell phone account, and dialing rules. Package is prepaid to Rowland Enterprises with a credit card (Credit Card Authorization Form). Rental period is for as long as  client is in Ukraine. For adoption passengers, the rental period ends if you return home during the 10 day waiting period. Text messaging is provided with the phone with no extra charge for texts within Ukraine and a small fee of $.17 per message for texts to anywhere outside of Ukraine. Incoming calls are free. Outgoing calls within Ukraine average less than $0.20 per minute. Outgoing calls to U.S. average $0.75 per minute (from 8 a.m. till 8 p.m.) and $0.35 (all night + weekend).


      MOBILE PHONE INTERNET SERVICE: ***For no extra charge, bring your laptop and rent a mobile phone to access the internet and your webmail from anywhere in Ukraine. Our Kyiv, Ukraine associates will install drivers on your laptop and will provide a USB cable to connect the phone to your laptop. Internet access speed is equivalent to dial-up. Note: Drivers only work with Windows 2000, ME, and XP operating systems (not Vista). Mobile internet usage rate breaks down to $1.00 for 1Mb of information (from 6 a.m. till midnight) and $0.25 for 1Mb of information (from 0:00 till 6 a.m.). You can purchase additional phone minutes from Victor Sadovnikov in Kiev, or while in Ukraine with the help of your translator. Fee of $250 for lost, stolen, or damaged phone.



Rowland Enterprises offers high speed internet service in Ukraine via the use of a 3G modem and satellite communications. Service is offered in over 80% of Ukraine and two service options are offered.

Equipment: SYSTEM: - 3G – EVDO-modem

Average internet speed – 400 Kb/sec (10 times faster than dial up)


Price: $180.00 for up to 2 months use and includes:

       ***Modem rental, Delivery fee & pick up fee, and internet account Setup fee.

***$500 Penalty - if equipment is broken, lost, stolen, or mistakenly taken back to the U.S.


Service Option 1:

        ***Client contacts Victor Sadovnikov with Travel Company “Daskiv” in Kiev and Victor will meet client and install all programs, drivers, and 3G modem on their laptop computer.  

        ***Client pays $18.00 USD to Victor Sadovnikov in Kiev when modem is installed and 1000 megabytes of internet service will be on the client’s account ($.18 per MB X 1000 MB = $18.00).

        ***Client will purchase prepaid phone cards to install more time on their internet account. Phone cards can be purchased anywhere in Ukraine.


Service Option 2:

       ***Client contacts Victor Sadovnikov with Travel Company “Daskiv” in Kiev and Victor will meet client and install all programs, drivers, and 3G modem on their laptop computer.  

        ***The first service option is the setup of 500 MB of internet access on the client’s account and additional 500 MB is automatically added every month. Maximum rental period is two months.

        ***If client uses more than 500 MB before the full one month period ends, additional internet access can be purchased and added to client’s account for a rate of approximately $0.05 per MB. Please note that internet access will not be available if client doesn’t have money on their internet account.

        ***There are “iBox” terminals in Ukraine where the clients can put money directly to their internet account.

        ***Call Victor Sadovnikov and ask him to put money on internet account. Victor will do it within one hour but a 3% bank fee will be charged in addition to the dollar amount of purchase. Payment for the purchase and 3% bank fee can be paid in cash to Victor Sadovnikov upon return of the modem or can be charged to client’s credit card by Rowland Enterprises. An additional 3% fee would be charged by Rowland Enterprises to cover the money wiring fee to pay Victor Sadovnikov.

        ***Client can purchase prepaid cards anywhere in Ukraine.

        ***Victor Sadovnikov can check the client’s account balance every 3 days through the internet and can call the client with a recommendation to put some money on his internet account. This service will cost an additional $20.00 for the entire rental period.
































































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